Album review: Acronym – Entagled in Vines SEMANTICA 77

When Acronym released his first EP on his own Dimensional Exploration label in 2012, no one had heard from this Swedish producer. Four years later and Acronym can be considered as one of the respected young names in the techno scene. After multiple EP’s and two albums on Northern Electronics, his next 2×12” has found a home on Semantica.

The album starts off with ‘Enter’. A 3/4 drumtrack surrounded by a swelling ambience with different sounds echoing in the background, creating a tense atmosphere that keeps your attention throughout the entire track. ‘Getting Closer’, ‘Escaped’, ‘Wrapped’, and ‘Rays’ are more straightforward. While very much suited for peak time moments, Acronym makes sure they don’t turn into ‘easy’ bangers by maintaining a nice balance between heavy kicks and his signature atmospherics.’The Sending’ is the most minimalistic of the album. With reverb and tape distortion turned up a notch, haunting noises weave through the track. Before the final track, ‘They spoke to me’ shows that heavier techno can easily go hand in hand with a melancholic vibe. It starts out with hypnotizing drums, and then builds slow and subtle towards an emotional synth line. Acronym closes with ‘Surround’. It follows the same principle as the previous track, but with heavier kick drums and an kickless ending that’ll leave you wanting more. With the right timing, this track can create magical moments in dark and sweaty techno chambers.

Although ‘Entagled in Vines’ may lack a bit of diversity which we’ve come to expect from techno albums these days, it is without a doubt another strong showing from the young Swede. All in all a must buy for anyone who enjoys exploring deeper techno sounds. Acronym shows that he is becoming a household name, if he was not already one.



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