News: New Lobster Theremin sublabel

Lobster theremin, one of the most solid labels around, just announced their new sublabel Lobster Sleep Sequence!

We’re finally ready to unveil our latest sub-label in the shape of ambient, drone and experimental electronics offshoot Lobster Sleep Sequence.

After label head Jimmy Asquith came across Thet Liturgiske Ow√•sendet’s immense ambient epic ‘Catalina’ on Soundcloud, it soon became a staple cure to a bout of recent prolonged sleeplessness and mild insomnia that he’d been unable to shake via any other means.

The decision to press on vinyl wasn’t a light one – sitting at 46 minutes, Catalina had to be chopped and faded into two parts to make it remotely curable for vinyl – and having Rashad Becker at the helm of the mastering truly brought out the the textures, facets and finer details of this epic masterpiece.

It’s a slow burning showcase of slowly evolving sonic substances and memories; a dense fog on a barren land steadily revealing the artefacts and objects hidden behind rocks and beneath the shadows; a static art piece hanging for months in a gallery rarely visited, allowed to decay into a beautiful immersive, solitary existence.

This release is mastered and cut by Rashad Becker in two parts, pressed onto heavy 180g wax with an LSS logo hand-stamped centre, encased in a black matte silver screen-printed sleeve, including a B&W matte A6 postcard insert.


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