Personal Pickups

I wanted to start doing something different, something more personal. By occasionally switching up the general Picks of the week with Personal Pickups I want to give an insight in what I am actually buying for my own record collection.

November started off good with the represses of three legendary Autechre albums (FLTR) Incunabula, Amber, Tri Repetae

Having listened to these three albums for years, it feels good to finally own them myself. Autechre are the kind of artists who have really been shaping the electronic music scene in the 90’s. Truly groundbreaking stuff. If you aren’t familiar with their work, please don’t wait any longer and start listening right now!

Other additions to my collection are:
Design A Wave – Snakeface (really smooth electronic/pop album)
V/a – Voiceless X (fast out of the box electro)
Giorgio Gigli & VSK – Silent age EP (deep and dark techno)
LVRIN – Broken Dreams (heavy wavy electro)
V/a – The Rosa luxemburg files (minimal/dark wave & electro)
Grant – Cranks (dusty deep house)


Let me know what your latest additions are!






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